Donovan Allen was arrested and charged with murdering his mother Sharon Cox in 2000. After 14 hours of interrogation by the police, he confessed to the crime and later recanted. He was convicted of first degree murder and given a life without parole sentence. Recent DNA testing that was requested by the Innocence Project Northwest at University of Washington School of Law revealed a strong link to the victim’s nephew, Brian del Kitts.

“Kitts’ DNA was found on the collar area of Cox’s turtleneck sweater and on her shirt. According to a court document, a scientist with the Washington State Patrol Crime Lab said the amount of DNA found is not consistent with casual contact such as a hug.”

Kitts was arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of second degree murder. Allen has a hearing in his own case on December 22, but the Innocence Project Northwest hopes he court will move that date up or release him sooner.