Month March 2019

Williams Exoneration

Archie Williams was released last week after spending 36 years in prison in Louisiana. Williams was exonerated based on fingerprint evidence – which excluded him at his initial trial – but only years later implicated another person – who committed… Continue Reading →

Melendez Diaz

"Forensic evidence is not uniquely immune from the risk of manipulation..." Ten years ago - citing to the 2009 NAS Report, A Path Forward - within months of its release Justice Antonin Scalia, in Melendez Diaz (2009)

State v. Evans

In August, Judge Inman of the North Carolina Court of Appeals issued an opinion in State v. Evans, upholding the conviction of the defendant for several drug charges relating to his alleged operation of a marijuana growing farm in Iredell… Continue Reading →

This episode of the UofGLaw Podcast features a guest lecture by Professor Brandon L Garrett, who visited the School on 29 January. Brandon L Garrett is a Professor of Law at Duke University, where his research focuses on the US criminal… Continue Reading →

Proficiency, Forensics, and Jurors

Forthcoming in Behavioral Sciences and Law Greg Mitchell and I examine in this Article how jurors evaluate forensic proficiency tests in Fingerprints on Trial: How to Correct Juror Misconceptions About Fingerprint Examiner Proficiency. As this table shows, jurors are quite calibrated in… Continue Reading →

Welcome to Forensics Forum at Duke Law. The Forensic Science Blog aims to impartially cover recent events relating to forensic science, including all forms of scientific evidence relevant in criminal cases, as well as new scientific research, policy developments, and… Continue Reading →

One year ago – Sue Ballou speaks at CSAFE conference at UVA

Bite Mark Data

In February, the Innocence Project filed a lawsuit asking for access to the federal archive of bite mark convictions at the National Museum of Health and Medicine. The Innocence Project believes that accessing the cases could “hold the key” to… Continue Reading →

Geneological DNA Analysis

A BuzzFeed News article by Peter Aldhous, published in February, described the newly emerging genealogical DNA analysis industry, centered around two private forensic science services. The piece, “The Golden State Killer Arrest has Spawned a New Forensic Science Industry,” also… Continue Reading →

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