Month October 2016

Controversial use of familial DNA searches helps lead to finds in cold cases

Authorities have used DNA databases to search for partial matches in order to solve cold cases. The idea is that these partial matches are likely relatives of the suspect and authorities can focus on investigating relatives of any partial matches…. Continue Reading →

NY Court excludes mixed sample DNA evidence from murder trial

A judge in New York ruled to exclude DNA evidence from the trial of Oral Nicholas Hillary for allegedly strangling his ex-girlfriend’s 12-year-old son. The DNA evidence consisted of a mixed DNA sample collected from underneath the victim’s fingernails, and the… Continue Reading →

S. Cooper on the DOJ & P-Cast

Stephen Cooper writes here in Counterpunch about the DOJ’s rejection of certain recommendations in the White House P-Cast report.  He begins: “Compassionate Americans concerned about the plight of wrongfully convicted citizens – folks who want our criminal justice system to… Continue Reading →

Researchers seek to use hair protein analysis as a more reliable alternative to hair microscopy

Researchers are developing methods to analyze proteins in strands of hair as a new method of identification in forensic sciences. The process aims to be more objective than hair microscopy, a technique that has been found to be highly unreliable… Continue Reading →

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