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Duke Law School will host two forensic evidence programs in March 2019. Getting Forensics Right: Strengthening the Connection Between Forensics, Statistics, and Law Ten Years After “A Path Forward” https://law.duke.edu/events/scientific-evidence/ Wednesday, March 6, 2019 • 12:30 PM • Law School… Continue Reading →

Archie Williams on America’s Got Talent – and One-Sided Forensic Databases

Archie Williams performed incredibly and movingly on America’s Got Talent; his audition was posted on social media providing a peek at the season to come – and a window into his singing talent.  He said: “I watched ‘America’s Got Talent’ in… Continue Reading →

CSAFE All Hands

This past week CSAFE hosted its annual All Hands meeting, remotely, but that was not the only way that it differed from those in the past.  We also celebrated our renewal for five years, even as we described accomplishments during… Continue Reading →

Jules Epstein on “Bullet Points”—Challenges to Firearms-Matching Evidence

Jules Epstein asks, in a piece on law.com, “Does science support a firearms and tool mark expert from saying anything more than that “the firearm may have fired the recovered casing … ? Not, “it came from this gun and no other,”… Continue Reading →

Why Is Courtroom Science So Unscientific?

Asks Jackie Rocheleau in a piece in Gizmodo, beginning by describing the case of Timothy Bridges in which an analyst claimed there was a one in 1,000 chance that another Caucasian person could have the same head hair as the… Continue Reading →

CSAFE Renewed by NIST

Iowa State University has announced that statisticians and forensic scientists across the country will keep working to put statistics behind the pattern evidence found in bloodstains and fingerprints and the digital evidence found in phones and computers. The National Institute of… Continue Reading →

Special Duke Law Journal Forensics Issue

Duke Law Journal has published a special  issue on forensics, statistics and law, accompanying a CSAFE conference held in March 2019.  The pieces are: Forensics, Statistics, and Law: Ten Years After “A Path Forward” Brandon Garrett The Public Reception of… Continue Reading →

The Costs and Benefits of Forensics

Just published in the Houston Law Review, by Brandon Garrett, is an Article titled “The Costs and Benefits of Forensics,” as part of a special issue regarding forensic science, ten years after the NAS Report.  Below is the abstract: Supreme… Continue Reading →

Bryan Pardon

Last fall our Amicus Lab Course wrote an amicus brief in support of Joe Bryan’s post-conviction petition to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. Here is a pdf of the entire Bryan Amicus Brief.  He had been denied parole seven times…. Continue Reading →

Amicus Lab Brief in State v. Bryan

Yesterday, with outstanding help from Proskauer Rose, our Duke Law students in the Amicus Lab (Nita Farahany and I teach the course) filed an amicus brief on behalf of a remarkable group of signatories in the case of Bryan v…. Continue Reading →

Forensic Trial Litigation CLE at Duke Law

October 19 (1 pm to 5 pm) and October 20 (all day – 9 am to 5 pm). Forensic evidence, from DNA to fingerprints to ballistics, has never been more important in criminal cases.  Actually litigating scientific evidence in the… Continue Reading →

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