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CSAFE Renewed by NIST

Iowa State University has announced that statisticians and forensic scientists across the country will keep working to put statistics behind the pattern evidence found in bloodstains and fingerprints and the digital evidence found in phones and computers. The National Institute of… Continue Reading →

Special Duke Law Journal Forensics Issue

Duke Law Journal has published a special  issue on forensics, statistics and law, accompanying a CSAFE conference held in March 2019.  The pieces are: Forensics, Statistics, and Law: Ten Years After “A Path Forward” Brandon Garrett The Public Reception of… Continue Reading →

The Costs and Benefits of Forensics

Just published in the Houston Law Review, by Brandon Garrett, is an Article titled “The Costs and Benefits of Forensics,” as part of a special issue regarding forensic science, ten years after the NAS Report.  Below is the abstract: Supreme… Continue Reading →

Bryan Pardon

Last fall our Amicus Lab Course wrote an amicus brief in support of Joe Bryan’s post-conviction petition to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. Here is a pdf of the entire Bryan Amicus Brief.  He had been denied parole seven times…. Continue Reading →

Amicus Lab Brief in State v. Bryan

Yesterday, with outstanding help from Proskauer Rose, our Duke Law students in the Amicus Lab (Nita Farahany and I teach the course) filed an amicus brief on behalf of a remarkable group of signatories in the case of Bryan v…. Continue Reading →

Forensic Trial Litigation CLE at Duke Law

October 19 (1 pm to 5 pm) and October 20 (all day – 9 am to 5 pm). Forensic evidence, from DNA to fingerprints to ballistics, has never been more important in criminal cases.  Actually litigating scientific evidence in the… Continue Reading →

Tibbs Ruling on Firearms Testimony: a “cannot exclude” limitation

Judge Edelman’s ruling in the Tibbs case was just published.  The Judge described the motion by the defense as follows: In this case, the defense raised and extensively litigated its objection to the government’sproffer of expert testimony regarding firearms and… Continue Reading →

Amicus Lab – Fall 2019

Law & Science Amicus Brief Project at Duke Law Professors Nita Farahany and Brandon Garrett will be teaching in Fall 2019 a course in which Duke law students will work on a series of amicus briefs raising appellate issues at… Continue Reading →

Double Loop Podcast

I discuss recent CSAFE research on how jurors evaluate proficiency of fingerprint experts – a new paper co-authored with Greg Mitchell, on the great Double Loop podcast – here – “Eric and Glenn return from a couple weeks off of… Continue Reading →

Judicial Reliance on Risk Assessment

This new piece is not about forensic science, really, but rather risk assessment in sentencing for low-risk offenders, the latest in a series of studies – with John Monahan and Alex Jakubow – Judicial Reliance on Risk Assessment in Sentencing… Continue Reading →

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