Month August 2015

Baltimore PD with portable biometric devices

They didn’t have this on the Wire – portable fingerprint scanning devices, just purchased by the Baltimore PD, as described here.

A DNA storage drive that lasts thousands of years?

PBS on Swiss researchers using DNA as a data storage device

Replication, Social Sciences, and Forensic Science

This article connects the important work of Brian Nosek at UVA’s Department of Psychology and the hundreds of others of others involved in the Replication Project, with other systemic problems facing the broader scientific community – including the systemic errors found… Continue Reading →

Review of Dallas and Texas Bite Mark cases

The Dallas Conviction Integrity Unit and Lawyers at the Innocence Project are seeking to have a Dallas murder conviction based on a bite mark comparison reversed, the Dallas Morning News describes. There was a “1 to a million” chance, the… Continue Reading →

Cow or Horse?

Next time your consider a burger, maybe have it DNA tested first – illegal horse meat found in DNA tested samples of ground meat products – read on in Tech Times.

A Push to Regulate (and Expand) DNA Testing in India

The DNA Profiling Bill of 2015 did not garner passage in the most recent legislative session, as described in this account; it would create a national DNA databank and a scientific oversight body. Critics raise accuracy and privacy concerns.

Recommended Reading – DNA by the Entirety

For a property law focused account of genetic privacy, see Natalie Ram’s recent Article, published in the Columbia Law Review.

DNA Testing in Quality of Life Offenses

A newly accredited regional lab in MN is focusing, in the majority of its cases, on DNA testing and other forensic analysis in “quality of life” offenses.  Story here.

DNA Architecture

For a brief description of new research into the multi-dimensional architecture of DNA, see ScienceNews

Judge Alex Kozinski on 8 Criminal Justice Myths, including Forensic Myths

In an excerpt from a law review article by the Judge, he notes: Fingerprint evidence is foolproof. Not so. Identifying prints that are taken by police using fingerprinting equipment and proper technique may be a relatively simple process, but latent… Continue Reading →

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