Month June 2020

Coming Spring 2021: Autopsy of a Crime Lab

My new book Autopsy of a Crime Lab is forthcoming in Spring 2021 from University of California Press.  For a description of  the book: “That’s not my fingerprint, your honor,” said the defendant, after FBI experts reported a “100%… Continue Reading →


The Department of Justice has released newly revised uniform language for forensic testimony and reports – effective in August 2020.  They are all posted on the DOJ website here. In the fingerprint ULTR, for example, the new guidance adds (in… Continue Reading →

Amicus Brief in Gissantaner

An amicus brief was filed today (here Gissantaner Amicus FILED) in the Sixth Circuit in U.S. v Daniel Gissantaner, Case No. 19-2305, concluding complex DNA mixture evidence. This brief was submitted on behalf of a group of forensic evidence and forensic… Continue Reading →

IBM and Facial Recognition

Today, tech crunch reports that IBM CEO Arvind Krishna announced IBM will no longer sell facial recognition services,  as part of a letter in support of the Justice in Policing Act, introduced in Congress. Krishna called for a “national dialogue” on… Continue Reading →

Race and DNA Exonerations

Race and injustice are central to the story of innocence and DNA exonerations in the U.S. Racial disparity is glaring in these DNA exonerees’ cases. Many more DNA exonerees were minorities than is typical even among average and already racially… Continue Reading →

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