Has the CARES Act expanded the Fed’s legal mandate?

When the Covid-19 outbreak became a national emergency in the United States, the Federal Reserve, having learned the lessons from the last crisis, was quick and bold in reacting. In only nine days, from March 15 to March 23, the Fed cut its target for the federal funds rate, provided forward guidance, intervened in markets […]

Eco-friendly Central Banks: Toward a Greener Balance Sheet

This post is the latest in our special issue: “Climate Change and Financial Markets – Risk, Regulation, and Innovation.” To learn more about the special issue and the work of the Global Financial Markets Center around climate change and financial markets, please read the special issue’s introduction here. And to review all The FinReg Blog […]

Central Banks in the Hot Seat: How Should Central Banks Join the Fight Against Climate Change?

Courtesy of Juliana B. Bolzani Although some skepticism remains about the causes and effects of climate change, scientists have concluded that human activity is significantly accelerating global warming.  In response to this emergency scenario, important voices in the private and public sectors have stressed the need for action, standing in contrast with the US government’s […]