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This Week’s SCOTUS Action on Pending Second Amendment Petitions

As I highlighted at the beginning of the week, heading into the new Term, the Supreme Court had (by my count) 14 outstanding petitions for certiorari raising Second Amendment or firearms-law related questions. Many of these cases had been considered at conferences last Term and, we suspect, are being held pending the outcome in NYSRPA. Coming out of the Long Conference, the Court did, however, dispose of two of the cases it recently considered:

Armament Services v. Barr 3d Cir. 19-June-19 What constitutes a “willful” violation of the Gun Control Act for revocation of a Federal Firearm License distributed 1-Oct-19 conference & cert denied 7-Oct-19
Miller v. Ferguson 9th Cir. 23-July-19 Ban on firearm possession (as sufficient restraint to invoke habeas) distributed 1-Oct-19 conference & cert denied 7-Oct-19

These were probably the two least likely to be affected by any outcome in NYSRPA, so it’s perhaps not surprising that the Court acted on them now.

The Court also denied the City’s Suggestion of Mootness in NYSRPA. But it also said that “[t]he question of mootness will be subject to further consideration at oral argument, and the parties should be prepared to discuss it.” There’s no doubt, then, that we’ll soon have oral argument in a case raising a Second Amendment challenge for the first time since March 2, 2010.



How Many People Were Ever Prosecuted Under the Laws Challenged in Heller, McDonald, and NYSRPA?

In Heller, McDonald, and now potentially in NYSRPA, the Supreme Court established Second Amendment principles that have been the basis for more than 1,000 Second Amendment challenges in the past ten years. Notably, each of the Supreme Court’s cases involved an outlier law—DC and Chicago were the only notable US cities with handgun bans, and New York’s law is such an oddity that the city itself has effectively disclaimed any interest in it.

The Other Supreme Court Challenges

The Supreme Court in January agreed to hear its first Second Amendment challenge after a decade of (relative) silence. But other than New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. City of New York (NYSRPA), there are—by my count—five other pending petitions asking the Court to review lower courts’ Second Amendment (or related firearms) rulings, with more likely to join in the coming months.