Contagion and Partisan Federalism

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a proving ground for federalism, or at least for takes about federalism.  Mayors shut down beaches and then are overruled by governors.  Governors request vital medical supplies from the federal stockpile but the President refuses, saying that states have primary responsibility for the crisis and the federal government is a “backup” – then a week later says that his authority as President is “total” and he can unilaterally order the economy to reopen.  Meanwhile, governors in the northeast and the west are discussing (arguably unconstitutional) multi-state pacts to coordinate a strategy for reopening.  What can we conclude about federalism during this unprecedented crisis?  Does the devolution of power enable cities and states to act decisively, or do we need more centralization so the executive can fashion a uniform response?  Is the diffusion of power a check on Presidential malfeasance and incompetence or a recipe for chaos?