LWOP News | March 31, 2019

Garcia asks ND Supreme Court to allow him to apply for parole 

Dave Thompson
26 March 2019

Barry Garcia was sentenced as a 16-year-old to life without parole for murder. North Dakota’s State Legislature passed a bill in 2017 allowing juveniles to apply for parole after serving 20 years of their sentence. Garcia is now arguing that this bill applies to him. He is also arguing that the US Supreme Court decision ruling mandatory LWOP sentences for juveniles unconstitutional bolsters his


‘Life Without Parole’ Still Necessary?

Jane Lindhome & Matthew F. Smith
22 March 2019

Vermont State Representative Brian Cina has created a bill to eliminate LWOP in the state. Sixteen Vermont inmates are currently serving the sentence. This podcast interviews clinical psychologist and former Vermont Department of Corrections director of clinical services Thomas Powell. He argues that while most offenders have the capacity to change, LWOP should remain on the books. Trial attorney Peter Langrock argues that we do not know how we might be able to rehabilitate people in the future, and should proceed carefully with this bill.

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