Bail News | March 31, 2019

Kamala Harris Made Increasing Bail Costs a Priority as San Fransisco DA

Brent Scher
26 March 2019

This article discusses how even though currently California Senator Kamala Harris is an advocate to end the cash bail system, in 2004 her campaign was different. In an interview in May 2004, Harris disclosed that one of her top priorities as district attorney would be to make bail more expensive. In 2017 however, she discussed how her experience as district attorney taught her the importance of bail reform.


Three Brooklyn senators hesitate on bail reform bill. They rep 1,400 people who were stuck in city jails

David Brand
22 March 2019

State Senators Andrew Gounardes, Roxanne Persaud, and Diane Savino are the only Democratic senators in Brooklyn who have not supported the New York Bail Elimination Act, even though they represent 1,400 constituents stuck in jails for misdemeanors and unable to pay their bail. The Bail Elimination Act would give judges several alternatives to cash bail. 


Bail reform faces a critical test in Senate this week 

Dave Solomon, 25 March 2019

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