Bail News | March 22, 2019

Beto O’Rourke, citing own past arrests, says ending cash bail system ‘makes sense’

Garrett Haake and Jane C. Timm
22 March 2019

Beto O’Rourke, a Democratic presidential contender has spoken out about an end to the cash bail system. He used his arrests (a DUI and an attempted criminal trespass) from 20 years to explain his opinion. O’Rourke spent a night in jail after each incident, but he explained how his family’s resources were able to  escape lifelong implications from the arrests, and he believes that everyone should have this ability.


Reform bail while protecting victims: How to strike the right balance in New York’s latest criminal justice reform push

Judy Harris Kluger and Ariel Zwang
21 March 2019

The authors of this article, Judy Harris Kluger and Ariel Zwang, are the executive director of Sanctuary for Families and CEO of Safe Horizon, respectively. These organizations help victims of the legal system. The believe that the cash bail system has “criminalized poverty” and specifically harmful for communities of color. Kluger and Zwang believe that cash bail is not necessary to ensure an offender’s return to court, as studies show that the majority of people show up for their trial even without bail. But, they do warn the legislature that victims cannot be ignored. Specifically, releasing defendants might lead to harm of victims by their offenders. They want judges to take serious consideration if a defendant poses a threat to their victim before releasing them without bail.


Credit card fraud shuts down bail option in Champaign County

Mary Schenk
20 March 2019

Ten people have been released from the Champaign County jail for using a stolen credit card for their bail. This fraud has caused Sheriff Dustin Heuerman to shut down the online payment method, which was created out of convenience for more arrestees.


Pre-trial detention remains sticking point for ending cash bail 

Rachel Silberstein
19 March 2019

New York is close to coming to a decision about the overhaul of cash bail system. Even with the state’s impending $170 billion spending plan due on April 1st, Cuomo will refuse to sign the budget if it does not include criminal justice reform. This has added even more pressure to the legislature to make a decision about the bail system.

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