This past week CSAFE hosted its annual All Hands meeting, remotely, but that was not the only way that it differed from those in the past.  We also celebrated our renewal for five years, even as we described accomplishments during the first five.

Publications by CSAFE collaborators can be viewed on its website; e.g. here are publications that I and others have worked on regarding human factors and lay evaluation of forensics.

Here was the agenda for the All Hands meeting:

Meeting Overview

The All Hands Meeting will serve as the closing to the last 5 years of CSAFE research and focus on kicking off new initiatives for the next phase of the center, CSAFE 2.0.

CSAFE hopes to bring together its outstanding team of researchers, our forensic science partners and interested community members to highlight the organization’s achievements, identify areas for collaboration, and discuss goals for the future. The All Hands Meeting is also an excellent opportunity to connect with innovative experts in statistical foundations, pattern and digital evidence, and training and education to learn from each other and discuss potential collaborations.

All CSAFE faculty, staff, students, collaborators and those interested in learning about CSAFE are invited to attend. For additional information, please contact CSAFE Administrative Specialist Harlie Jud (

Meeting Agenda

Day 1:

Internal CSAFE research meetings

Day 2:

10:00 AM CDT – Opening and Kick-off for CSAFE 2.0

10:20 AM CDT – Session 1: Firearms

10:50 AM CDT – Session 2: Footwear

11:30 AM CDT – Session 3: Blood Pattern

11:40 AM CDT – Session 4: Handwriting

12:00 PM CDT – Break

12:30 PM CDT – Keynote Presentation: Lynn Garcia, General Counsel, Texas Forensic Science Commission

1:00 PM CDT – Session 5: Latent Prints

1:45 PM CDT – Session 6: Digital Evidence

2:15 PM CDT – Break

2:30 PM CDT – Session 7: Statistics

3:00 PM CDT – Session 8: Implementation and Practice

3:30 PM CDT – Session 9: Education and Training

4:15 PM  CDT – Final Discussion

4:30 PM CDT – End of Meeting