A comment on a proposal being considered by the CFSO – draft legislation that would create an Office of Forensic Science within the Department of Justice (here is a link to the draft as of Feb. 14, 2017):

Putting an office of forensic science under a law enforcement agency if a fundamentally bad idea.  This would take us backwards, not move us forward.  Additionally, the composition of the board is problematic.  It is slanted toward public agencies and provides no voice to independent scientists.  Again, this takes us backwards not forward.  The problems that the field of forensic science is experiencing is largely due to the insular approach the field has taken historically.  Perpetuating this attitude will only perpetuate the problems, not solve them.  We need to be be reaching out and encouraging an interdisciplinary approach, not circling the wagons.  NIST, a scientific and neutral agency, is the appropriate place to house forensic science science offices, commissions, groups.

I encourage AAFS to vote against this dangerous legislation.

Thank you,

Norah Rudin