Lucas Mentch, Maria Cuellar, William C. Thompson, and Clifford Spiegelman are re-examining the forensics in the Steven Avery case, sponsored by the Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute, and with funding from the National Science Foundation – as described here.  One goal is to assess whether blood found in the victim’s car during the Avery investigation contained traces of EDTA, a preservative, which might indicate that the blood had been taken from a previously collected vial.  Apparently, the FBI tested only three of six vials – and this team explains:

“If the quantity of EDTA present in the stains was near the threshold of detection, it might have been detected in some of the stains but not others. In fact, if only one of the samples had EDTA above the threshold of detection, there was only a 50 percent chance that it would have been detected in the three analyzed samples.”