A forensic expert, Marina Stajic, was laid off from the Forensic Toxicology Laboratory at the Office of Chief Medical Examiner (OCME) last year. Stajic claims in her lawsuit that she was fired because she serves on the state’s Commission on Forensic Science. At a recent meeting, a vote was taken regarding the use of LCN testing. LCN testing, or low copy number testing, “analyzes minuscule amounts of DNA left on touched objects to help identify or exclude people suspected of crimes.” The committee was specifically analyzing whether LCN testing could be viewed as reliable when dealing with particularly small samples or analyzing DNA mixtures. At this committee meeting, Stajic voted in favor of a “motion to request that OCME release its internal data supporting the use of the LCN technique in such cases.” Stajic claim’s in her lawsuit that OCME then fired her because of her displayed skepticism towards their LCN methods.

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