Month January 2016

DNA Exoneration in Kagoshima, Japan

The Japan Times reports the appellate acquittal of a Kagoshima man for a 2012 rape, based on new DNA tests.  The presiding judge criticized the failure of the police crime lab to report a DNA exclusion at the time of the… Continue Reading →

Children’s Hospital Lab Falls Short of Forensic-Testing Standard

An independent investigation found that the Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children forensic lab did not meet forensic-testing standards for hair-strand drug and alcohol testing. As a result, ten years’ worth of results are being questioned as valid. These labs results were used in… Continue Reading →

Federal court in Pennsylvania allows the re-sentencing of a man who plead guilty due to an invalid hair comparison analysis report

In an uncontested motion, defendant John Flick moved to vacate, set aside or correct his sentence for a 1999 conviction of five counts of armed bank robbery and one count of the use of a firearm in a crime of… Continue Reading →

Pool of Blood Questioned as Bad Evidence

Larry Thompson was convicted in 1994 of killing Ron Johnson. The state primarily relied on two pieces of evidence 1) witnesses who testified to observing the murder or then hearing the defendant talk about the murder, and 2) a pool of… Continue Reading →

Ronjon Cameron: Forensic Expert Testimony Leads to False Conviction

Boston’s NPR News Station WBUR reported today and yesterday on the story of Ronjon Cameron who was convicted of charges of rape in 2003. The two major pieces of evidence against Cameron were DNA evidence and the victim’s identification. There were… Continue Reading →

DNA On Victim’s Ankles Leads to Arrest

Police discovered the victim’s body 8 months ago. The evidence suggested that the victim had been drug into the wooded area and then shot multiple times. The police took samples from the victims ankles, which matched with Jesus Luna Jr., who… Continue Reading →

Follow Up: Defendant’s Request for Software Denied

In October, we wrote about Michael Robinson, a defendant who requested the software behind the DNA analysis tool used to identify Robinson as the perpetrator of a double-homicide. An expert witness, Dr. Perlin, who developed the technology, is expected to… Continue Reading →

Georgia court orders DNA testing in 1976 murder case

Johnny Lee Gates was convicted in 1977 of the rape and murder of 19-year-old Katharina Gertrude Wright. He initially confessed to the crime, although the confession was inconsistent with the physical evidence found at the crime scene. Also, a witness said… Continue Reading →

DNA Between Victim and Suspect’s Relative Leads to Arrest

A string of 34 rapes between 1995 and 2001 remained unsolved until this past week when a suspect was arrested. The suspect was initially arrested after a DNA match was found between DNA left on a victim and DNA of… Continue Reading →

The Revival of the Massachusetts Forensic Crime Laboratory

In 2011 the Massachusetts stripped of its accreditation. This also resulted in the lab losing its access to CODIS, the FBI database that lists over 12 million offender profiles. With a 12,000 case backlog, the state lab was in crisis…. Continue Reading →

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