Month September 2015

Patrick Kane Rape Test DNA Results Come Back Negative

The DNA test results of the alleged victim’s undergarments and body show no trace of Patrick Kane’s DNA.

Carpet tested positive for blood, but DNA tests yield no results in Alabama murder case

Defendant Barry Whitton is charged with murdering his wife Michelle Whitton, whose body was found in a shallow grave in DeKalb County. Investigators discovered that there were missing pieces in the couple’s bedroom carpet that appeared to have been cut… Continue Reading →

DNA from Walter Scott found on police officer’s taser

DNA evidence found on the taser of police officer Michael Slager could potentially provide an obstacle in the prosecution of Slager for the fatal shooting of unarmed citizen Walter Scott in a traffic stop. Slager had asserted that Scott had taken his… Continue Reading →

A Swabathon

In Texas, the Tribune describes discussion of new standards for interpreting results in cases involving DNA mixtures.  The Texas Forensic Science Commission heard from experts last week; there may be a large number of old cases to revisit, where “since… Continue Reading →

Fingerprints may be able to provide more information than just a person’s identity

A new technology called Fingerprint Molecular Identification could be used to reveal a lot more from a fingerprint than just a person’s identity. Using this technology, law enforcement officials may be able to determine whether  a person has recently used… Continue Reading →

Oregon State Police Crime Labs

First one analyst, and now a second analyst’s work has been called into question, says the Oregonian.  “The current case involving the Bend analyst likely affects nearly 1,000 cases — most in Eastern Oregon — including 502 in Deschutes County.”… Continue Reading →

Suffolk District Attorney Backs Bill That Allows for DNA Testing Upon Arrest for a Felony

This bill would allow police to collect the DNA during the booking procedure. The District Attorney believes that this bill is crucial in identifying violent offenders and preventing future crime. Thirty states currently have bills in place that allow for the… Continue Reading →

Forensic Tests Lead to 2nd ID in Case of 43 Missing Students in Mexico

This ID supports the government’s theory that the students, who were engaging in a political protest, were kidnapped by local police, who handed the students over to a criminal gang, who then killed and burned the bodies. Forty-one student remains have… Continue Reading →

New Retro Report on SBS case

New from the NYT video series, the anatomy of a shaken baby case from the perspective of defense attorney Adele Bernhard.

Oregon State Police Forensic Laboratory under investigation: Over 500 criminal cases have been called into question

An analyst at the OSP Forensic Laboratory is being investigated for allegations of tampering with evidence. The analyst mainly handled drug cases. The cases in question will have the evidence re-tested and defense counsel will be notified. Then the office… Continue Reading →

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