We at Duke CSJ have been organizing Criminal Justice Works in Progress gatherings on Mondays on Zoom.  Please let us know if you would like to join or present (email us at DukeCSJ@law.duke.edu).

Here is our schedule so far (times are EST):

March 30 – 9:30 am – Jenny Carroll (U. Alabama Law), “Pretrial Detention in the Era of COVID-19”

April 6 – 11:30 am – Dr. Evan Marie Lowder (George Mason’s Department of Criminology, Law and Society), “Improving the Accuracy and Fairness of Pretrial Release Decisions: A Multi-Site Study of Risk Assessments Implemented in Four Counties,” https://nij.ojp.gov/funding/awards/2018-r2-cx-0023

April 13 – 9:30 am – Lee Kovarsky (U. Maryland Law), “Delay in the Shadow of Death,” a forthcoming paper examining sources for delay in capital litigation.

April 20 – 11:30 – Jim Griener (Harvard Law, Access to Justice Lab), “Credible Measurement of the Costs and Benefits of Predisposition Incarceration”

April 27 – 9:30 – Marty Davidson (PhD. candidate U. Michigan), “Examining Legal System Outcomes in the Shadow of Police Encounters.”

May 4 – 11:30 – Tess Neal (Arizona State U. School of Social & Behavioral Sciences) & Christopher King (Montclair State University, Psychology), “Legally-Required Scrutiny of Psychological Testing Evidence is Rare.”

May 18 – 9:30 – Barry Friedman (NYU Law, Director, The Policing Project), “What is Public Safety?”

May 26 – 1 pm – Chris Slobogin (Vanderbilt Law), “Just Algorithms: Using Science to Reduce Incarceration and Inform a Jurisprudence of Risk,” chapters 2 & 3.

June 1 – 11:30 – Adele Quigley-McBride (PhD. Iowa State), “Practical solutions to forensic contextual bias in fingerprint analysis: Proposals for future directions.”

June 15 – 3 pm – Rebecca Wexler (U. California Berkeley), “Privacy Asymmetries”

June 22 – 9:30 – Justin Murray (New York Law School), “Policing Procedural Error in the Lower Criminal Courts”

June 29 – 3:00 pm – Seth Stoughton (South Carolina Law), “Fourth Amendment Spillage and the Regulation of Police Violence”

July 6 – 11 am – Zachary Kaufman (Houston Law), “Digital Age Samaritans”

July 13 – 11 am – Jocelyn Simonson (Brooklyn Law), “Police Reform Through a Power Lense”

July 20 – 11 am – Paul Heaton (Quattrone Center, U. Penn Law), “Improving Pretrial Outcomes without Actuarial Risk Assessment”

July 27 – 11 am – Madalyn Wasilcsuk (LSU Law), “How Police Hiring Policies Fail to Account for Emerging Adulthood”

August 3 – 11 am – Mara Redlich Revkin (Georgetown Law), “How Does Severity of Punishment Affect Reintegration of Former Offenders? Evidence from Iraq”

August 10 – 11 am –  Kureva Matuku (Florida International University), “Contextual Case Information and How it Affects Judgements of Eyewitness Accuracy”

Sept. 14 – Michael Frakes (Duke University School of Law), “Are Constitutional Rights Enough? An Empirical Assessment of Racial Bias in Police Stops.”

Oct. 12 – Jake Charles and Brandon Garrett (Duke University School of Law), “The Trajectory of Federal Gun Crimes.”